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Thursday, August 25, 2016

489. Dare!

The Human League

1. Things That Dreams Are Made Of
2. Open Your Heart
3. Sound Of The Crowd
4. Darkness
5. Do Or Die 
6. Get Carter
7. I Am The Law
8. Seconds
9. Love Action (I Believe In Love)
10. Don't You Want Me

Hello everyone!  I just got back from a beach vacation!  I am not even going to apologize for my absence.  I think I have reached the point where my apologizes don't mean anything anymore.  I have officially taken on the role of the douchebag boyfriend.  Oh well, let's talk about Dare!

Everybody on Earth knows the song "Don't You Want Me."  That is a damn good song; it is catchy as hell and even carries a message of female empowerment (oh Human League, you do know the way to my heart).  I was worried the rest of the album would just be generic 80s pop music, but I was pleasantly surprised (I particularly enjoyed "I Am The Law").

It was nice to get a break from some of the more serious music and listen to some quintessential 80s tunes.  Recommended.


Monday, August 8, 2016

488. Talk, Talk, Talk

Talk, Talk, Talk
Psychedelic Furs

1. Dumb Waiters
2. Pretty In Pink
3. I Wanna Sleep With You
4. No Tears
5. Mr. Jones
6. Into You Like A Train
7. It Goes On
8. So Run Down
9. All Of This And Nothing
10. She Is Mine

I hang my head in shame for not keeping my promise of daily posts.  I just moved so I have been pretty busy.  But I guess it is a poor workman who blames his tools.  Or in this case a poor blogger who blames her heavy picture frames that she isn't tall enough to hang up herself.

The quickest way to my heart is through my love of movies and cheese, so, in my opinion, no song tops "Pretty in Pink."  I found the rest of the songs entertaining too, although the the song "I Wanna Sleep With You" seems like the anthem of douchey single men everywhere.  

Anyway, I am quite excited for the next album, so I will try to get back on here asap.


Friday, July 22, 2016

487. Wild Gift

Wild Gift

1. Once Over Twice 
2. We're Desperate 
3. Adult Books 
4. Universal Corner 
5. I'm Coming Over 
6. It's Who You Know 
7. In This House That I Call Home 
8. Some Other Time 
9. White Girl 
10. Beyond And Back 
11. Back 2 The Base 
12. When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch
13. Year 1

I waited quite a long time in between listening to this album and sitting down to write the review.  To tell you the truth, all of these punk albums are sort of blending together anyway. I would have never guessed that this would be the most represented genre on the List.

To be fair,  I guess this isn't pure punk.  It seems a lot more light hearted than the usual punk album and at times seemed more similar to a B-52 album than a Sex Pistols one.  This made for pretty fun listening, although I can't honestly say that anything in particular stuck out to me.

So a short review for a somewhat forgettable album.  But I promise tomorrow I will Talk, Talk, Talk (I apologize for the pun; I am quite tired).


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

486. Damaged

Black Flag

1. Rise Above 
2. Spray Paint 
3. Six Pack 
4. What I See 
5. TV Party 
6. Thirsty And Miserable 
7. Police Story 
8. Gimme Gimme Gimme 
9. Depression 
10. Room 13 
11. Damaged II 
12. No Moe 
13. Padded Cell 
14. Life Of Pain 
15. Damaged I

Once again, we get another punk album after I thought the genre was good and dead.  I should know by now that it will be endlessly resurrected, probably by some ritual involving the knife used to kill Nancy Spungen and urine filled balloons.  Anyway, this was same old, same old as far as I could tell.

The blandest topics available to punk musicians are explored here: misery, angst, beer, etc.   I've stopped reading every entry in the Book, but I am really curious to see what about this album convinced the Listmakers to include it.

Sorry for the short review, but really, I think we have covered the punk genre pretty well by now.  It's a genre that lends itself to mediocrity, so only one in one hundred punk albums are worth listening to anyway.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

485. My Life in The Bush of Ghosts

My Life in The Bush of Ghosts
Brian Eno and David Byrne

1. America Is Waiting 
2. Mea Culpa 
3. Regiment 
4. Help Me Somebody 
5. Jezebel Spirit 
6. Very Very Hungry 
7. Moonlight In Glory 
8. Carrier 
9. Secret Life 
10. Come With Us 
11. Mountain Of Needles 

I have been accused of using the word pretentious in a lazy manner, but really, is there any other word for this?  I mean, the title alone elicited a groan and an eye roll for me.  I am going to really screw up my neck one of these days.  In any case, through the haze of self indulgence and pretension, I managed to catch glimpses of some talent, but ultimately it wasn't worth it.

It is hard for me to discern one track from another, but parts of the album actually did resemble my definition of music.  Well, I suppose if that is the nicest thing I can think of to say, the album wasn't that good, was it?  Still, I am sure it will lauded as a masterpiece by people who enjoy Eno's, sound effects.

Anyway, this genre is definitely not for me, and I look forward to at least having lyrics in the next album.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

484. Architecture and Morality

Architecture and Morality

1. New Stone Age 
2. She's Leaving 
3. Souvenir 
4. Sealand 
5. Joan Of Arc 
6. Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans) 
7. Architecture And Morality 
8. Georgia 
9. Beginning And The End

Well I suppose the synth pop movement is in full swing.  It's certainly not the most alarming genre we have dealt with here, although I don't know if listening to synth pop everyday will do wonders for my mood.  Still, for the time being I am enjoying the trend.

Some of these songs were quite fun, others seemed like poor imitations of Brian Eno's most pretentious works.  I think it would have been a fine album if OMD had taken themselves a little less seriously, as there was obviously a lot of talent behind this.  Still, I guess if an album is titled "Architecture and Morality," it can't be expected to be free of ostentation.

Speaking of Eno, he is coming up again tomorrow, so hold onto your butts.


483. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
Soft Cell

1. Frustration 
2. Tainted Love
3. Seedy Films 
4. Youth 
5. Sex Dwarf 
6. Entertain Me 
7. Chips on My Shoulder 
8. Bedsitter 
9. Secret Life 
10. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Happy belated Independence Day!  I celebrated by eating way too much candy and popcorn at the movies.  My sister and I went to see The Shallows.  It was just as mediocre as I imagined it would be, but it was better alternative than listening to loud explosions in the sweltering heat.  In any case, I am doubling up on albums today, as I missed yesterday's post.

Well, that certainly wasn't what I expected (how often do I say that?  I should just stop making music related predictions).  I thoroughly enjoyed this, proving once again that you shouldn't judge an album by its slightly intimidating title.  I even listened to all the bonus tracks, and was particularly pleased that the band did a cover of "Where Did Our Love Go." I haven't been too impressed with the vocals lately, but I found Marc Almond's voice to be oddly soothing.  Anyone who writes a song like "Sex Dwarf" probably doesn't want to be referred to as "soothing," but I can't help it.

Anyway, definitely worth listening to.  At the very least, check out "Tainted Love."