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Monday, July 24, 2017

522. Back to Mystery City

Back to Mystery City
Hanoi Rocks

1. Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
2. Mental Beat
3. Until I Get You
4. Lick Summer Lover
5. Ice Cream Summer
6. Malibu Beach Nightmare
7. Tooting Bec Wreck
8. Sailing Down The Years
9. Beating Gets Faster
10. Back To Mystery City

As usual, I will begin my post by apologizing for the gaps in posting.  I have had some medical problems lately that have been weighing on my mind and unfortunately, Hanoi Rocks isn't the distraction I've needed.

I didn't know glam punk even existed.  Isn't the point of punk to be coarse and gritty? I always thought the lack of polish was the appeal.  Consequently, I thought this album fell flat.  Of course, my bar is pretty low after doing this blog for five years (sorry List) so it wasn't entirely unpleasant.  Still, I don't think this was worth listening to.

Up next: Cyndi Lauper.  A woman!  Quite unusual in these parts.


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