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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

514. Rio

Duran Duran

1. Rio
2. My Own Way
3. Lonely In Your Nightmare
4. Hungry Like The Wolf
5. Hold Back The Rain
6. New Religion
7. Last Chance On The Stairway
8. Save A Prayer
9. Chauffeur

I have lost track of how many times I have said this on this blog, but once again, I am on the verge of nervous breakdown for how much I have to get done.  So, naturally, I am prioritizing this blog over my other assignments, because sanity is a fleeting thing.

How can this music not make you happy?  It was nice to hear something relatively upbeat for once; I feel like the recent goal of these albums have been to make me have a breakdown (as though I need any nudging).  The best songs on this album are the ones that everyone knows, but the entire album is extremely fun.

So a nice break from heavy metal.  Back to reality...


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