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Monday, March 20, 2017

511. Nebraska

Bruce Springsteen

1. Nebraska
2. Atlantic City
3. Mansion On The Hill
4. Johnny 99
5. Highway Patrolman
6. State Trooper
7. Used Cars
8. Open All Night
9. My Father's House
10. Reason To Believe

I listened to this album a little while ago, but I have had so many writing projects that I am falling behind.  Any further discussion on my current workload will lead to tears, so let's just move onto Nebraska.

Finally, we reached the end of our horrible streak of albums.  I didn't think I would connect to this, as my understanding of Bruce Springsteen was that he was the working man's hero.  Fortunately, this was just beautiful.  It was so simple; just his vocals, a guitar, and a harmonica (that made not be correct but that's what I heard).  You could really just focus on the lyrical quality of the songs, which was excellent.  Who knew Bruce Springsteen was such a poet?  Everyone, you say?

Highly recommended.


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